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We specialize in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing to give visibility to your business and promote it at 360°.
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Search Engine Optimization and Social Network: new frontiers of web communication

In Alecsandria a special division deals with SEO, digital marketing, social and media marketing and digital transformation, with the awareness of having followed the whole process of growth of the media from their origin to today.

We deal in particular with:

– Social and geo marketing to create effective campaigns through the most important social networks
– Integrated and cross strategies
– Viral marketing, also through Advergame, Social Game (games for Facebook), Prize games
– Integrated communication strategies (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)
– Creation, management and monitoring of fan and group pages (social media monitoring)
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the main engines. The term SEO indicates all the activities useful for obtaining the best detection, analysis and reading of the website by the search engines, so as to improve the positioning of the pages of a site on the same engines.
– Web marketing campaigns, keyword advertising (Google, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube)
– Video channel management (YouTube and Vimeo), relying on a team dedicated to video editing

You can choose from the following solutions

Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a free web analytics service from Google that allows you to analyze detailed statistics on visitors to a website. Google Analytics is the most used statistics service in the world, currently in use at 60% of the 10,000 most popular websites.
On the site you can monitor visitors from all sources such as search engines, referer sites or paid campaigns, pay per click networks and email marketing. With Google Analytics it is possible to identify which pages are most viewed by visitors to a site, their origin (referrer), how long they have remained on the site and their geographical position. The data tracking service is free and also essential for those who want to have an overview of user behavior in the most accessible way.
By integrating Analytics with Google AdWords, users can analyze ongoing online campaigns, monitoring the quality of the landing page and the conversions (goals). Using Google Analytics, marketing is able to determine what the performance of the ads is, providing the information to optimize the campaigns or reduce costs.


IBM Digital Analytics is a platform for real-time digital analytics, data monitoring and production of comparative benchmarks. Analyzes digital visits and produces reports through multiple contact points and marketing channels, to provide detailed information on customers, useful to marketing managers to offer personalized, relevant and effective strategies. The platform can be integrated, adding options to analyze multiple sites, the behavior of offline customers, the impact of an advertisement, the attribution of impressions and the use of social media channels.
IBM Digital Analytics is the high performance solution suitable for your high profile business.

IBM Digital Analytics
Piwik is now MATOMO


Piwik has a new name and is called Matomo, an open-source access analysis platform, therefore completely free, considered among the most reliable available, to provide detailed and real-time reports on visitors to a website, including engines search of origin, keywords used, the language of use and the most visited pages. Matomo software is considered the best alternative to Google Analytics.


Social networks, content and campaigns:

Alecsandria identifies for you the best social channels to use, shows you how to use them or uses them for you, inserting posts, videos, images and planning campaigns on the same tools. Thanks to multichannel platforms and our experience, your ‘social’ journey will be more than fun, becoming a fundamental vehicle for your business.