Alecsandria Digital | Marketing Automation. Platforms and benefits
Alecsandria Digital offers Marketing Automation solutions for every type of need. We use the following platforms: MailUp, DotMailer, IBM Marketing Cloud.


Digital Marketing Automation Strategy

Digital Marketing Automation Strategy is based on an engine that guarantees access to all the features that allow user tracking operations, even unregistered ones and allow you to easily set up automatic re-engaging programs for our prospects / customers, based on a mix between analysis of transactional data and data deriving from behavioral analysis.

What can do a Digital Marketing Automation platform:

– A platform capable of providing dynamic DB marketing for advanced digital interactions
– Orchestration of user experience in B2B and B2C programs on different channels / initiatives
– Mail, Newsletter Forms, Surveys, Progressive data collections, Mobile notifications, Inbound and Outbound
– Generation and management of leads to sales force or telesales

Distinctive values:

– guarantees a unique view of the user
– reduces campaign preparation and execution times by 70%
– reset coordination between suppliers
– reacts dynamically based on user behavior on the various contact points and external events
– can be managed with the contribution of third parties
– allows you to create personalized messages and offers to increase campaign results
– allows to cross the prospects during the different phases of the customer journey with appropriate and personalized contents
– allows you to set up and manage complex segmentation, planning and delivery processes efficiently

IBM Marketing Cloud


Digital marketing and lead management
IBM Marketing Cloud
IBM Marketing Cloud is the digital cloud marketing platform for email marketing, lead management and multi-channel management.
IBM Marketing Cloud allows you to offer your customers exceptional experiences in all relational phases with your company, using behavioral data, providing analytical insights and automating interactions in all channels.
IBM Marketing Cloud is part of the IBM marketing solutions, created to facilitate the design of significant experiences for customers, on every device and in every phase of interaction, accelerating the achievement of expected results and future expectations.


MailUp is the simple and scalable solution to create, send and automate marketing campaigns via email, SMS and messaging apps. Mailup multiplies the effect of your campaigns on social networks, configuring itself as a powerful, flexible and simple to use solution, thanks to an efficient drag and drop editing tool.

With Mailup you will also have:
Creativity Suite: a creative and technical team dedicated to your campaigns.
Training Suite: training sessions to be tailored to your reality.
Deliverability Suite: a team dedicated to maximizing performance.
Performance Suite: a team of Data Scientists to calibrate your next strategy.



The flexible and complete Marketing Automation platform.

Easy to use platform
Don’t let your marketing tools limit your imagination. Dotmailer is so easy to use that advanced marketing activities will seem easy.

Email marketing and much more
Create and send intriguing, personalized and optimized messages across multiple channels and applications.

Marketing Automation and e-commerce
This platform offers the tools and flexibility needed to become a smarter e-commerce vendor.


Mailchimp is one of the most used email marketing software in the world. Founded in 2001, it boasts more than 20 million users.

Mailchimp is the ideal product to start working with your customers, because in an entry level mode it is reliable, free and easy to use.
The platform allows you to create a list of newsletter subscribers, have one or more customized templates for your e-mails, send newsletters to all subscribers or groups of them, obtain complete reports on the newsletters sent.