BPM to improve the business processes

Business Process Management is the set of activities necessary to define, optimize, monitor and integrate business processes, in order to create a process aimed at making the company’s business efficient and effective.
The goal of the BPM is to obtain a better overall view of the whole of the company’s work processes and their interactions to be able to optimize them and, as far as possible, automate them to the maximum.

BPM – Business Process Management

provides organizations – who want to optimize their business processes – with skills and technologies to support improvement. We use the best methodology to design and implement process management through activities of:

1. Analyzed process identification
2. Definition of the boundaries (supplier processes – customer processes)
3. Definition of inputs and outputs exchanged between the process actors
4. Definition of the activities and related procedures that regulate their performance
5. Analysis of times (duration of activities)
6. Definition of expected performances (evaluation indices)
7. Definition of process responsibilities
8. Statistical analysis of the processes performed

Our skills and certifications on important technological platforms