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Artificial intelligence supports people and the company with tools that expand the possibilities. Alecsandria has chosen to invest time and resources in artificial intelligence. We use platforms such as IBM Watson and Google Cloud.

AI – Artificial Intelligence

AI: the new digital frontier

Some executives believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will change the way we approach customer experience and user experience in general.

By implementing the AI ​​you can predict what the users will want, even before they know they need it.

AI does not replace us
Created by humans to amplify their abilities.

Don’t be afraid of AI
It will give us more awareness of our tools. AI = IA
AI = Artificial Intelligence
IA = Intelligence Augmentation

AI will make us better at work, and as human beings
Artificial intelligence supports people and companies with tools that expand the possibilities.

aiAlecsandria has chosen to invest time and resources in artificial intelligence.

New models based on cognitive and AI technologies
Thanks to these new paradigms, the following results can be obtained:
– Increase user involvement thanks to a more “human” interaction.
– Rapid recovery of information.
– More precise and punctual information.
– Voice and textual interactions.
– Chatbot

Conversational Agents

Customer Service
Add a chatbot to your website that automatically answers your customers’ most frequently asked questions.

Mobile Apps
Allow your customers to control your mobile app using natural language virtual agents.

Messaging Channels
Automatically create Twitt, Slack, Facebook Messenger and other chatbots, which interact instantly with users of the channel.

Internet of Things
Connected devices to understand the language and automatically respond to user commands.

Help your robots understand natural language and increase conversation skills.


In AI, we use the following Cloud services

IBM Watson


Make the power of Watson and IBM Cloud available to your apps. Start developing your cognitive application with a series of software development kits, code examples and tools created for developers by other developers.


Innovative AI solutions on a reliable platform.
Google Cloud AI offers modern machine learning services, with pre-trained models and a service to generate customized models. The machine learning service based on the neural network offers better training performance and a higher level of accuracy compared to other deep learning systems. Google Cloud offers fast, scalable and simple to use services.
The main Google applications, including Photos (image search), Translator, Inbox (Quick response) and the Google app (voice search), use Cloud’s machine learning services. The Google platform is now available as a cloud service to offer unmatched speed and scalability to business applications.

Google Cloud